Golden French mani with Feather accent

Hello lovely ladies. I’m finally in the UK. Hopefully I can start posting normally soon. At the moment I’m having slight problems with uploading..

I did this French mani a day before my departure to the UK and got a chance to photograph it today. So you can see how good or bad the stuff has stayed on and gone through all that packing and dragging around the luggage etc.

ImagePolishes used:

  • Golden Sand by Maybelline Colorama
  • Dark Chocolate by Maybelline Colorama
  • Electric Yellow by Maybelline Colorama
  • Tangerine by Maybelline Colorama

Other stuff used:

  1. nail strengthener for the base
  2. sponge for gradient – I did yellow/orange gradient on 1 coat of yellow polish. After that I tabbed on a bit of the golden to give it some shine and dimensions.
  3. feather
  4. loads of top coat for the feather
  5. striping brush
  6. dotting tool

What do you think of this mani?

I like it and it has endured all the traveling 😀

I have one more photo for you. I was also thinking of doing a fashion inspired post once a week. I have to select a day though, will see which day suits the best for me. I will try to do 2 posts per week at least – one fashion inspired (for a while) and some challenge/nail art/review post. If I have more time I will write more.

I need to fix this photo uploading problem also.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to Golden French mani with Feather accent

  1. Kitsu says:

    Love the gold tips!

  2. MyDailyNailDesigns says:

    This one is Awesome

  3. geminigreeneyes says:

    OMG!! I love this! So awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

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