I Red a Good Book by Wet n Wild – Review

ImageGood evening lovely ladies, there’s been a lack of nail art from me over the past week. Luckily I had few older things..

I managed to get some virus and had fever and everything, I just couldn’t do any nails with the cough and runny nose.

Here’s a quick swatch on I Red a Good Book by Wet n Wild (#E2143) from Megalast Collection.

The brush is wide like On a Trip has, which makes it really easy to apply. I’m wearing 2 thin layers of it, so probably 1 thicker layer should do also. Drying time is quite good also.

It didn’t stain my nails but my cuticles where slightly red after removing. Ofc some more acetone and clean cotton will do to get rid of that. I also did a close up and my camera just went nuts on this red..

ImageI like this red a lot, what do you think?

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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2 Responses to I Red a Good Book by Wet n Wild – Review

  1. cherryblossompretty says:

    One of my favorite reds in my collection!

  2. This colour is gorgeous, really striking!

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