Lightning bolt nails – Tutorial

ImageHey my dear readers, here’s a tutorial on white lightning bolt nails. Unfortunately I was too impatient and my index finger on left hand came out as a hot mess.

Things I used:

  • On a Trip by Wet n Wild (#E2133)
  • White on White by China Glaze (#23)
  • Fuchsia Fever by Maybelline Colorama (#186)
  • Sparked by Wet n Wild (#E435G)
  • tape

Some tips and tricks:

  1. Before applying the tape make sure your polish is dry and stick the tape to your hand to make it less sticky.
  2. Make sure the tape is firmly on your nail from the edge you’re gonna paint your nails.
  3. ImageDo one nail at a time.
  4. Remove the tape when polish is still wet to get clean lines.

Now on to the tutorial. I made some photos too, which will be seen below.

Start with a base coat or nail hardener.

Apply your background colour. I used On a Trip by Wet n Wild. Wait till it dries.

Cut the tape for your one hand. Cut 5 strips and then cut them half diagonally. Stick 2 triangular pieces as shown below on pic #3. Apply the white polish and remove the tape. (repeat this on all of your nails on 1 hand)

When the previous step is dry, apply the tape as shown on pic #5. Apply both of the polishes – in my case neon purple first and glitter right after. Remove the tape carefully. Wait a bit and apply your top coat (I use fast dry top coat). When 1 hand is dry, repeat all the steps on your other hand 😉

ImageAnd 1 more photo of the finished nails.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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3 Responses to Lightning bolt nails – Tutorial

  1. Flash! Ahaaaa! These are awesome.

  2. MillieMuppet says:

    Hey, I really love your blog and so I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award!
    Click the link below to check it out and accept your award 🙂

  3. Elise G says:

    These look great! I never have the patience to let my coats dry completely.

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