31DC and tutorial mashup

ImageGood evening, this is the last challenge for 31 Day Challenge and the theme is recreating. I wasn’t sure what to do.. so I went with water marble and boy that marbling failed..

There’s also too much cuticle oil -.- Anyways the green I used started to bubble after I added my quick dry top coat, but only the marbled part of it. My wild guess it’s because of the micro glitters in it.

Polishes I used:

  • White on White by China Glaze (#23)
  • Lemon Fizz by China Glaze (#871)
  • Entourage by China Glaze (#719)

Now on to the tutorial part of this post. There are several things You will need besides the colours of your choice. I used white as base for the colours to pop up a bit better.

ImageThe upper row is about nails as you can see.

  1. apply base coat and white to all of your nails, wait till it has dried
  2. tape your fingers to have less cleanup after, normal tape will do (the one I used is on the picture below left)
  3. I suggest to do this 1 hand at a time. I did cut 10 pieces of tape (for 1 hand) to wrap one around my finger and the second one around my nail.
  4. Tutorial for water marbling is here! There’s also a link on taping nails in it.
  5. Toothpicks are for drawing the pattern and cotton buds for removing some excess after taking the tape off. You will also need acetone.
  6. After the marbling part I free-handed the half-moons and left my index finger as accent. But you can use also French tip stickers as on one of the photos (the one with polishes and tape). Before doing this make sure your marble is dry.
  7. Last step is to seal it off with top coat. You can do some cleanup also if needed.

ImageI’m still not completely sure how to write a proper tutorial 😦 I’m still hoping that this is understandable and you will enjoy and like this.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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2 Responses to 31DC and tutorial mashup

  1. blimbo2005 says:

    I have yet to do a tutorial and I think you did a great job

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