Polka Dots collection by Maybelline Colorama – Review

Hey lovelies, I have a few things prepared for you – so there will be a small spamposting over this weekend :D. Firstly, Maybelline Colorama Polka Dots is finally available in my country and I couldn’t resist to snatch a few bottles.

ImageThis is the whole collection.

Shooting Stars (dark deep blue)

Speckled Pink

Crashing Waves (light blue)

Rain Forrest Canopy (green)

Chalk Dust (black and white)

They all have numbers also, but it’s kind of random – bottle has one number and the website shows another. Anyways I got 2: Chalk Dust (#197) and Rain Forest Canopy (#200).

ImageChalk Dust (#197):

This polish is with clear base, has a lot of small, average and larger black and white hexagons in it. The formula is bad, it’s too thick and applies quite unevenly, plus it drags. I also would categorize it to the very hard to remove polishes. I was very disappointed.

On the photo: for my pinky I used a pearly beige as a base and 1 coat of Chalk Dust – this is also the best way to use it imo, as a topper for other polishes. On my ring finger I’m wearing just 1 coat, on middle finger 2 and on my index finger 3.

I like the idea of this polish and I already used it for a nail design also but I wouldn’t recommend on buying it, although it’s very cheap. I’m sure there are better such polishes out there.

ImageRain Forest Canopy (#200):

I am wearing 2 coats of it on the photo.

The formula is slightly better and it’s not that thick either. The green is nice but again for opacity you need at least 2 coats and some patching from here and there.

It is easier to apply though than Chalk Dust and it doesn’t drag that much either. You don’t have to fish for the dots either. But.. if you want it a bit more even, it needs some work.

Again – hard to remove polish.

Although the formula is better I am still disappointed. Basically you could paint your nails green and use the Chalk Dust on top and then add a layer of transparent green and the effect is same. I am not sure yet what I shall do with the green. I have 2 close ups for you also.


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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5 Responses to Polka Dots collection by Maybelline Colorama – Review

  1. Elise G says:

    Kairi, how have these made it all the way to Estonia, and I cannot find ONE BOTTLE outside of San Francisco, CA?! Do I need to buy an airplane ticket?
    Thanks for swatching them, now I am wanting to buy them even more. Well, the green. I even have a coupon!

  2. Craftynail says:

    The green kinda looks like camo!

    • Elise G says:

      Whoa, you just gave me an idea for a Desert Storm camo custom/franken polish. You know, the digital looking camo?
      Tan jelly base with multi size opaque square glitters. And opaque black hexes.
      I wonder if anyone does Armed Forces themed polish?

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