Review on some glitter polishes part 2

Good morning my dear readers. I have a few things in store for you today, firstly the second part for some glitter polishes. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph 2 photos as for part one, since it just isn’t that sunny today.

ImageMaybelline Colorama #47

I just love this one, it is so easy to apply and takes only 2 minutes to apply the next layer (have 3 layers on). It is also very easy to remove.

This lovely silver glitter contains mostly really small silver glitters and just a little larger ones that don’t have a defined shape. The polish is a bit gelly, which is also good.

Another thing I love about this one is the various ways (and techniques) it can be used in nail art.

Comparing to the 5 it is the cheapest here, easiest to apply and also remove (I will talk briefly about removing glitter at the end of this post).

ImageSally Hansen in Blingtastic (#4) from Gem Crush Collection

It just didn’t photograph well but leaving that beside, it still looks good.

This blue glitter has loads of small blue glitters in it and also some large hexagonal silver glitters. I applied 3 layers of it, drying time was around 5 minutes between the layers.

I found it a bit annoying to apply because it felt a bit inconsistent. The removing was also a bit annoying – the most from the five I tried. Got some blue glitters everywhere.

Have to say though that it looks great on the nails though and as a plus it isn’t that costly here. I’m hoping to use this in a nail art design soon, to see how it works and if it’s easy to play around with.

ImageNow to the removing part. I know this looks super ridiculous but it’s fast and works well.

Take a small piece of cotton and apply some polish remover onto it and put it against your nail. After that just wrap your finger in the foil (the one used for cooking works great). Wait a minute or few and remove the foil. Slightly pressure the cotton while sliding it off from your nail. The glitter just sticks to the cotton and if it’s easy to remove it just takes 1 swipe and your finger will be completely free of glitter.

I hope this is written understandably 😛

As for the upcoming things today: my entry for the lovely Oh Mon Dieu! Challenge and I will also add some content about my progress in 31DC.

Yes, this is a fish  nail Thursday :P. Enjoy your day ladies.

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