31 Day Challenge: Day 26 – Inspired by a Pattern

ImageGood afternoon my dear readers. Here’s another post for 31DC.

At first I thought I will take a longer break from this challenge but when I was trying out the coral tone I got some inspiration from it.

The pattern is actually inspired by my graduation dress, I decided to choose different colours though, because I wanted this to be really light and summery. And lucky me, that one of my stamping plates has really similar pattern to my dress :P. The dress was black with gray-silver pattern on it.

I will also show how just 1 coat of the coral looks like.

Things I used:

  • ImageMaybelline Colorama #91 for the base
  • China Glaze in White on White for the pattern
  • stamping plate #B27

How to:

Well, it’s super easy :P. Firstly 1 layer of base coat and then 1 layer of the coral nail polish. Let it dry completely. Apply some of the white onto the plate over the desired pattern and scrape the excess polish off with the scraper, roll the stamper over the pattern and then onto your nail with rolling movement (it’s a bit hard to explain for me).

Repeat this to all of your nails and after you can apply top coat. I just did 1 layer of that also. And you’re done šŸ˜‰


About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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