31 Day Challenge: Day 22 – Inspired by a Song

Hey, for this post I got inspiration from an Estonian song. I will post the link also.

31DC - Day 22Things I used and a small how to:

  • 31DC - day 22 butterfliespinky – Maybelline Colorama in Party Blue (#96) as the base; Maybelline Colorama #47 (silver glitter) for the glittery effect; blue glass flower
  • ring finger – Maybelline Colorama in party Blue (#96) as the base; water based acrylic colours in blue and white for the butterfly wings (just painted almond shapes with the blue and then added some white to the middle); Kiss Nail Art Paint in Black (#12) for the bodies
  • middle finger – Maybelline Colorama #51 (nude white) for the base; Maybelline Colorama in Party Blue (#96) and in Styled Out (#173A) for the water marble effect (I added dots near the cuticle part because the water marble just worked that way by leaving a half-moon shape in there)
  • index finger – Maybelline Colorama in Party Blue (#96) for the base; Kiss Nail Art Pain in White (#2) for the dots; Maybelline Colorama #654 (blue) for the small blue dots
  • thumbnail – Maybelline Colorama #106 (metallic grey) for the base; some nail tape for the thin stripes (apply them before adding blue); Maybelline Colorama in Party Blue (#96 – light blue) and Maybelline Colorama #654 (blue) for the diagonal tip, remove the nail tape after the blues have dried; colourless rhinestones (add them right on top of the middle grey line)

The song is Üle vee by Liisi Koikson and it means over the water. The video explains the song meaning quite well 😉

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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