OMD Challenge: 10 – Metallic

OMD - metallicHello, I prepared this few days ago (new polishes, so I had to test them out) and I had this challenge in mind, when doing it.

I have entrance exams for MSc tomorrow, if I have time I shall post the matte challenge, if not I will do a double post on Wednesday for matte and textured.

I finally managed to got something for the matte – got a matte top coat from Kinetics. So I will test that out.

I also got nail mail today, or well just now (went to my best friend’s 25th b-day and just now when I got home, it was here). I will post that tomorrow evening when I’m back from Tallinn. It’s my first ever nail stamping set. Another thing to test out πŸ˜›

Things I used:

  • Misslyn in Night Fever (#467 – metallic silver)
  • OMD - metallic 2Miyo in Magic (#25 – metallic blue)
  • blue glass flowers

The French mani is free-handed – a bit wonky πŸ˜›

I hope this gives you some inspiration for the metallic challenge. Enjoy!

And please t check out the other entries from here!

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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4 Responses to OMD Challenge: 10 – Metallic

  1. This is lovely! That blue looks amazing!

  2. dymphnarose says:

    Love the colors together, and the flower accent! πŸ™‚ Good job!

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