31 Day Challenge: Day 2 – Orange nails

ImageSo, this is the second challenge. I won’t post every day, cause I want to keep the manis for few days.

Things you need:

  • 2 colours: Maybelline Colorama tones 155 (orange) and 108 (gold)
  • 2 stripers: Kiss Nail Art Paint black and white
  • sponge
  • dotting tool and toothpick

How to do it?

  1. Apply 1 coat of orange nail polish and let it dry. Now to the gradient effect – paint half of the sponge to orange and half to golden and then press gently onto your nail (repeat this till you’re pleased with the effect – I did this only once). Then use top coat to smudge and even it out. Let it dry.
  2. Now take the black striper and paint the stripes (don’t worry if the edges will be a bit shaky). Be creative with the tiger pattern. Do it to 3 nails: pinky, middle finger and thumb.
  3. I painted the pawprints the next to my index finger. I used the dotting tool for making 5 larger dots and then toothpick to make the smaller toeprints to each larger dot.
  4. I painted the face for the tiger the last (found it the hardest to do). I used toothpick to do it – first eyes and nose and then the other details. Added some white later on to make it a bit more sloppier and look more like a tiger.
  5. When the prints are dry, apply top coat and let it dry out. Now you’re done!

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments (for questions, suggestions or whatever else) πŸ™‚

About Kairi

Art loving girl from Estonia.
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3 Responses to 31 Day Challenge: Day 2 – Orange nails

  1. The little paws look such fun

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